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Name : Clerdora Jeune
No mother, she's now 13 years old
Name: Miciana Cesar
Name: Louisemene Louisar
Good Shepherd Foundation, 1976-2022
The Good shepherd Orphanage is an Organization which the Bishop is the founder, started around the year 1978-1979, year after Bishop started his first church. after many years, God allowed this organization to grow in expense and we have witnessed Thousands of children being successful in life growing in that orphanage, that is one of many reasons we’re able to say that this was one of the calling that God had for Bishop. one of the greatest things you can ever experience in an Orphanage, is to hear from other people how positive are testimonies of successful children about the orphanage.

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please call 973-855-2396 or contact us:
15 years old
No father, she 12 years old
Name: Natalie Chery
she's 9 years old
Name: Flidensie Phenelon
Name: Carlene Pierre
she's 10 years old
she's 10 years old
The Good Shepherd Orphanage will pray for each and everyone of you.

Your HELPs are important to US
Name: Viliana Desir
No mother, she's 16 years old
Name: Naika Cene
Name: Shenaica Edouard
she's 10 years old
No father or mother, she's 13 years old
Name: Gerlanda Har
She's now 6 years old
Name: Lovena Pierre
Good Shepherd Orphage
she's now 8 years old
Children and some of our staff
Name: Angeline Nevilier
she is 16 years old
Name: Amannda Pierre
Name: Vivianne Louisard
she's (13 years old)
she is 18
Name: Davieuse Piere
She is 17
Name: Fabienne Pirilus
Name:Merline Chery
She is 18
She is 18
Name: Islande Joseph
She is 16
Name: Rose-Danie Dieudonné
She is 19
Good Shepherd Orphage
Children and some of our staff
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At Work.
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